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OnlineSchools.org's novel attempt at furthering education and creating a hunger for more knowledge through the use of visual learning techniques.

Visual learning is a learning style in which teaching is accomplished through the association of images and techniques with ideas, concepts, data and other information. While the concept of purely visual learners has been debunked, the benefits of using graphics to introduce new concepts and ideas are still worth mentioning. Mixing things up, such as conveying data with pictures rather than straight text, can boost attention.

It is precisely this boost of attention that can aid in learning because “when students pay closer attention, they learn better,” psychologist Dan Willingham told NPR.

Our infographics aim to catch your attention by presenting data in an interesting new way. But though the infographics may be entertaining, they're not only for fun and games. Each was created with an educational purpose and with an eye towards furthering knowledge on topical subjects. Remember, the visual part of learning is all about connecting new ideas to prior knowledge to help you better appreciate and understand the information that is being presented.

We hope that we've chosen topics that will hook you, and presented you with knowledge in such a way that we will pique your interest and leave you wanting to learn more on your own time. Look through our curated infographics below to learn more about the truths behind earning an education online, getting the most out of your college experience, and higher education trends in general.